Guide for elegant women

Autumn and winter Guide for elegant women

                   Fashion suits make you look refined, thin and temperamental, but many women at the age of 30, especially under pressure from work and family, don’t pay much attention to dress because, in their opinion, Being old and over the season, you don’t have to look so good, you should spend your money on other, more needed uses. But it seems to me that women should learn to enjoy their lives, dress better, look more comfortable, and be more confident. Even if no one is watching or someone is gossiping, you should not worry about so much. You should dress up in an elegant atmosphere, live up to your own posture, and be a fashionable and beautiful woman.

                    Now I’m going to introduce 30 year old women to a few elegant and intellectual ways to find their beauty and grace in this way, to be an intellectual woman, or at least I believe, to look good. It also makes you feel better.

1.Hairy coat and dress.

                  In my opinion, hair coats and dresses are very intellectual and elegant, especially suitable for 30-year-old women. Because these dresses can show a woman’s intellectual gentleness, and the knitted jacket can see their mature and mature elegant side, such a combination, very show their temperament, make you look more refined and advanced. And you look thinner like that.


2. Knitted sweater with leggings.

                     Knitted sweaters and wide-legged trousers are also very common nowadays. There are many young girls who like this kind of match. This kind of match is actually suitable for many ages. 30 years old elegant women are also very suitable for this match. This kind of collocation appears simple and generous, clean, and seems to have a more spiritual and youthful feeling.


3.Short down jacket with skirt

                          The short down jacket with a half-length skirt looks more refined and advanced. This will show you are more gentle and generous, revealing the intellectual maturity of 30-year-old women, while the short down jacket will make you look able and free. Both show the feminine side, see your ability side, the overall combination, looks quite atmospheric.

Do you like these three matches? Do you think there’s anything taboo about wearing clothes?

 Guide for elegant women Guide for elegant women

Guide for elegant women Guide for elegant women

Guide for elegant women Guide for elegant women

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